JR Nagasaki Station building AMU PLAZA Nagasaki

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From 11:00 to 23:00 (last order 22:15 ※ store 22:30)
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About AMU PLAZA Nagasaki

Company Overview

We suggest shopping, restaurant, culture, high sensitive lifestyle such as entertainment to function as station building which is doorway of Nagasaki.

Company name Nagasaki terminal building
Name AMU PLAZA Nagasaki
The location 〒850-0058 1-1, Onouemachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki We display MAP
Phone number 095-829-4471
Main business Administration of shopping center and management
Facility Commercial facilities 5 stories (plottage 25,600m² section area 23,300m²)
Deferred floor space 58,500m² (commercial facilities 39,800m² hotel 4,300m² solid parking lot)
Parking lot Approximately 800 (approximately 250 partner parking lots)
Opening of business day September 21, 2000

Information for facility for promotion

There is facility which we send information that we want to convey to customer including campaign and event and can utilize for various promotion in AMU PLAZA Nagasaki of Nagasaki Station direct connection.

1.Gull open space

The AMU PLAZA Nagasaki adjacency, event space of all weather type Nagasaki Station of 500m². We back up event of various needs powerfully. We can direct stage of force with a feeling of scale.

■Inquiry about gull open space
Marx international
Tel. 095-895-7822

2.Gull vision

Big screen of 200 inches in gull open space. Including passenger getting on and off of JR, bus, streetcar, we are about to strongly appeal to AMU PLAZA Nagasaki, station square high shelf open space user.

3.KAMOME studio

Satellite studio of FM Nagasaki. We broadcast FM Nagasaki "Spicy voxx" from 4:00 on the ~ evening of Thursday every Monday.

■Inquiry about gull vision and KAMOME studio
JR Kyushu agency Nagasaki Branch
Tel. 095-826-3781