JR Nagasaki Station building AMU PLAZA Nagasaki

From 10:00 to 21:00
From 11:00 to 23:00 (last order 22:15 ※ store 22:30)
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Access, parking lot


Address AMU PLAZA Nagasaki 1-1, Onouemachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki

Visitor who comes by car

  • It is approximately 15 minutes from Nagasaki Expressway, Nagasaki IC
  • It is approximately 20 minutes from Nagasaki bypass, Kawahira IC
  • JR Nagasaki Station direct connection

About parking to parking lot
It becomes parking only for three-dimensional parking lot. (as for doorway gate to width 3.0M, height 2.1M)
Pink, orange
Three-dimensional parking lot can be stocked plane. (as for doorway gate to width 3.0M, height 3.3M. ※In the three-dimensional parking lot to height 2.1M)

Information for parking lot

Business hours Open 24 hours year round
Parking rate It is 150 yen every 30 minutes ※Night up to 1,000 yen (21:00 ... 9:00, the following day)
Discount of parking rate

A. Visitor 90 minutes free of charge using 1 store 2,000 yen or more

Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at cash register of each store.

B. It is free by movie visitor 180 minutes of appreciation

Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket in booking office of movie theater.

C. Visitor 30 minutes free of charge using JQ CARD

Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at cash register of each store.

<A + B + C free for up to 300 minutes>

[about park & ride discount]
※Visitor using 51km or more one-way by limited express, Kyushu Shinkansen of Kyushu Railway Company in use or Kyushu Railway Company

●As for every reduced fare 24 hours 600 yen (but until 72 hours)
※It is usually rate when over 72 hours.
※Please show stationed-in-bike-race ticket at Kyushu Railway Company Nagasaki Station "green window".

  • The use total at plural stores is case beyond 2,000 yen, but please be careful when use amount of money at 1 store does not reach 2,000 yen as discount service is not received.
  • Discount service is not received in receipt, stub of movie viewing ticket. Accept discount service by all means at each store.
  • Please note that there is store where some services are not received.
  • When visitor of the use is back at partner parking lot, accept discount processing with discount handling of 1F gull open space escalator side machine for partner parking lot.

●We can use staying service 1,000 yen / night (12:00 ... 12:00, the following day) of JR Kyushu Hotel Nagasaki Nagasaki and service of A - C together.

Information for partner parking lot


As discount service is received like AMU PLAZA Nagasaki parking lot, take stationed-in-bike-race ticket issued at partner parking lot.
In addition, please use discount handling of setting machine for partner parking lot on the escalator side in 1F gull open space when you are back.

※Please pay the difference after discount processing with "discount processing machine for partner parking lot" at partner parking lot.
※When you do not finish discount disposal of stationed-in-bike-race tickets, please be careful as discount at partner parking lot is not received.

Business hours Parking lot name: Hesitation at the bridge parking lot
Address: 6-3, Motoshikkuimachi, Nagasaki-shi
Phone number 095-826-0379
Business hours: 24 hours

Guidance of bicycle parking lot

Business hours Open 24 hours year round
Business hours
Bicycle Motorcycle (we include moped)
Until three hours Free of charge Free of charge
Is over three hours; until eight hours 100 yen 200 yen
Is over eight hours; until 24 hours 200 yen 400 yen
After that as for every 24 hours 200 yen addition 400 yen addition