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Repair of shoes, bag, go key reproduction


Through repair of shoes and bag, we meet feeling to "be too good" of customer. We repair favorite one article, one article of memory on behalf of customer carefully. It is usable again and contributes to reduction of garbage discharge and CO2 by letting you last a long time.

☆Estimate becomes free, too. Ask cleaner of pumps, size adjustment of leather shoes, how to use Shoo care supplies about any questions whatever you want. We make waiting for notification from all of you heartily.

◆List of services◆
Tear repair, button exchange, dyeing rectification etc of size adjustment, slipper processing, bag polishing, bag wallet fastener exchange, handle repair, belt perforator adjustment, leather of shoe polishing, heel exchange, tear repair, shoes which are big all sole pumps cleaners, shoes stretching, slipper processing, insole exchange.........

◆Use materials◆
Natural Crape board, synthetic rubber board, leather sole, gohichushiki comes Vibram soles Birkenstock sponge board for boots; TOPY board etc for peg heel Samty ass lift......

☆It becomes form to change by repair contents about materials and may use materials except the above.

◆Sale Shoo care supplies◆
Mink oil, KIWI oiliness wax koroniru 1909, koroniruyunikurimu koroniru waterproof spray boot black suede KOLOR spray Shoo lace heel grip gel half pumps belt, man, a lot of ladies' insoles etc.......

◆Discount campaign◆
On birthday, net is advantageous ☆We include one, companion of birth month, and shoes repair is 10% off!

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From 10:00 to 21:00
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On birthday, net is advantageous!

Shoes repair 10% OFF
◎Birth month
◎We include companion