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Privacy Policy

The observance of laws and ordinances about protection of personal information and other models

We perform the handling of personal information in conformity with laws and ordinances applied to the handling and industry guidelines on personal information.

Appropriate collection, use of personal information and offer

In the case of collection of personal information, we identify use purpose as much as possible and deal with personal information as far as we identified. In addition, it prevents you from spoiling profit of customer by taking appropriate procedure according to fate such as laws and ordinances when we offer personal information to third party.

Unauthorized access to personal information, prevention of leak of personal information

We prevent leak of personal information by maintaining the system in the company, and planning safety management. In addition, we teach to do appropriate management for trust of personal information and supervise.

Quick correspondence for inquiry

We cope with inquiry from customer about personal information adequately and quickly.

Publication matter based on "law about protection of personal information"

About our personal information to hold "law about protection of personal information" (is called "law" as follows.) We will tell about matter obliged to carry out publication in this as follows.

1. Use purpose

Use purposes of possession personal data which personal information that we perform the acquisition (including the acquisition by trust) of and we hold are as follows.

  • Sending, information for information about tenant service events of us and AMU PLAZA Nagasaki
  • Reflection for improvement, improvement such as services of opinion, request of customer
  • en quete request, making of basics data to analyze that are necessary in market research, customer trend analysis and others management and statistics document making that cannot distinguish identification individual and the publication
  • Prize, notices such as election, adoption such as work open calls for participants of person, offer of prize, reward, correspondence about plan, administration of event
  • Notification and others of find, emergency individual inquiry, notification
  • Management, administration for membership system service offer, correspondence associated with other them
  • Sending, information for information about product and service, campaign of company cooperating with us and us
  • Selection of adoption applicant and offer of our employment information
  • Observance of a contract of our duty and the use of right and correspondence associated with this
  • In addition, to perform notification as needed
  • Sales processing in conjunction with sale service
  • Accomplishment of trustee business (agency duties) from other companies

※When I take personal information listed by document directly by customer, we state use purpose clearly each time.

2 about offer of personal information to third party.

We may offer personal information taking from customer to authorized person other than case by law Article 23 Clause 1. Use purposes of possession personal data which personal information to do (including the acquisition by trust) and we hold are as follows. It is as follows about use purposes of that case.

■"Voice of customer" (opinion, request) entry paper

  • Item of data to offer: Full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, opinion
  • Range of person to provide: Store in AMU PLAZA Nagasaki related to opinion
  • Use purpose of person to provide: Inquiry about opinion, notification of answer
  • Management place of the personal data concerned: Our general affairs department General Administration Division
3. About consultation desk

Please inform the following "personal information inquiry windows" of request such as disclosure, correction, suspension of possession personal data which I took from customer and consultation about the handling.

Personal information inquiry window

Nagasaki terminal building
TEL: 095-808-2001 (we straighten 9:00~18:00 at inquiry time, and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded)

4. About revision of our publication matter

We may revise all or a part of these contents. When we revise, we announce by reflecting in publication contents of this homepage.

About the personal information handling on AMU PLAZA Nagasaki website

Nagasaki terminal building (called us as follows) runs this website. We recognize importance of personal information that had you provide from customer to be able to use our website in peace in us and act for conduct of appropriate management. We have you read the following Terms of Use when you use and would appreciate your offering personal information after it was agreed.

About collection, inflection of personal information

We may ask for offer of personal information from customer by the following method in our website. "The personal information" here means information that can distinguish full name, e-mail address, phone number of customer, authorized individual including address.

  • Registration to various member services
  • Answer to en quete
  • To ask about request of customer for product and service and opinion directly
  • Application, participation in prize, event
  • Others

We use personal information to have you provide for improvement of service, other fair purposes in the use range that we told about when we collect.
In addition, we utilize statistics document which made personal information that we had for the cause for better site administration.

About access log

When customer accesses our website, access history (access log) of customer is left automatically. It is name of internet service provider which customer uses, the name of browser that we used and version, kind of the OS that we used, website that we read, page and the date and time and sojourn time when we accessed, and these measure the use situation of website statistically, and information to remain in us on the normal use of such a website is used to measure improvement of future convenience. In this access log, "personal information" of customer may not remain.

About disclosure to third party of personal information

As a general rule, we do not disclose personal information of customer who had you transmit on our website to other companies or individual without agreement of the person. But we may tell company which concluded confidential disclosure agreement about personal information of customer for the purpose of entrusting with company where we asked for delivery or information analysis. In addition, we may disclose when it is demanded based on laws and ordinances from public institution without with consent of customer.

Responsibility restrictions about link

Contents of other sites (we say link site as follows) where link is set in our website and our website are managed by responsibility of the companies each and are not under our management. Please use link site according to terms of use to advocate of each link site. Also, we do not take responsibility about any damage that we occurred by having used them about contents of link site.

Other instructions

When personal information is offered, customer may send information such as news by E-mail or other methods from us. If customer can hear from when these information dispatch is not hoped for, we stop dispatch of information.

In addition, please see in total as condition and instructions except the above may be described about information, service offered in our site in each page.

Nagasaki terminal building may revise the above-mentioned policy.
We hope that we have you confirm the latest contents as we publish revised edition of this document on this occasion.