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Helen thiaCollection


Hello all of you that you are watching with blog!

Daddy mom is mano period for 19 days
We perform Helen thiacollection!
Many pretty clothes are received mainly on Helen thiano pants which are not usually received here!

Come to play by all means in shop at this opportunity; is uncool (o^^o)

Image 1

Helen thiano wide pants make look have very good style! !
We wear and are sure to get legendary man with long legs effect and effect to make look thin let alone feeling ('▽ `)

Image 2
Image 3

WEST will show with this rear lace-up thin, too, but can change atmosphere as you can wear in this, front side back!

Besides, pretty clothes in the fall and winter are received one after another! Come to play by all means; is uncool (o^^o)

Tops \14000+tax
Pants \16800+tax
It is herenchia together