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[uneven Uji Matcha chocolate cliff strawberry]


Nice to meet you.

It is Araki of the Muji AMU PLAZA Nagasaki staff ((*•ω•*))♡

You always come to the store, and thank you for using.

It is the first blog contribution after store renewal this time.

It became chilly recently.
How are you getting along, everyone?

New product with Muji in this term in the fall and winter
It is received one after another.

New product in that this time autumn from the food section!

"Uneven Uji Matcha chocolate cliff strawberry"
We introduce of this! !

Image 1

To "uneven white chocolate cliff strawberry" of the cake marketable goods first place of Muji,
It released "uneven Uji Matcha chocolate cliff strawberry" which we matched authentic Uji Matcha with♪

Uji Matcha which is slightly bitter, and is full of flavors and white chocolate tender indulgently,
And sour-sweetness of strawberry which we did fast of freeze dry was united,
It is cake of new sense.

Image 2

It is tax-included 300 yen and product which is not cheap at all,
It is ... at moment when we put in the mouth and chewed
Surely we were finished to cake which we could be satisfied with.

Please appreciate by all means (^ O ^)♪

As will tell about fresh information in future, in fun (^ _ ^)☆

Net store is this place♪