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Under campaign conduct of shokorikisa


Campaign of shokorikisa & soft serve began!

We do one point to half price about the more than 2 purchase in what drink you like, soft serve either!

Image 1

shokorikisahowaitochokoretosutoroberi & chocolate tip (600 yen) to 9/30

Image 2

Soft serve mixture chocolate strawberry (510 yen) which is popular from reopening

Image 3

Desert drinks (600 yen) which performed topping of airy mousse on the top

It is for all shokorikisa kinds, all desert drink kinds, all soft serve kinds!

By the way, it is only Nagasaki to prepare these three kinds in Kyushu!

Please try drink and soft serve of Godiva in family and friends at this opportunity!

[conduct period] 2017/9/13 Wednesday -Tuesday, October 10

※In two cups, it is at half price in low price
※Object which is at half price in the case of the purchase more than three points to one point

※Because of one gathering meter, it is used once