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Japanese and Western cakes

The Bunmeido home office

Business hours
From 8:30 to 20:00
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"Special approval castella" of the Bunmeido home office


With special approval castella…
As a lot of combination of egg yolk uses good-quality materials called Wasanbon sugar, it is full-bodied castella moistened very much.

There are three kinds of kinds.

[brown sugar body father]
Brown sugar from Okinawa

[Wasanbon wasambon]
Awa Wasanbon sugar from Tokushima

[strong tea okoicha]
Yame cha from Fukuoka

Image 1

In addition,
There are 2 Motoiri, set of with three, too.

Combination from three kinds
We assort taste you like and can do it.

1 Motoiri: 1,350 yen
2 Motoiri: 2,700 yen
3 Motoiri: 4,050 yen (tax-included)

How about giving for midsummer gift?♪

Image 2